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Al Swearingen "Striking evidence of energy and pluck of our citizens"

Newspaper Article New York Times September 28, 1879 Deadwood's Big Fire

Hank Beaman, the man who lovingly established Deadwood’s first Hook and Ladder Company would eventually take the fall as the politics of the Big Fire of September 1879 rekindled. "Start a dog down hill and everyone will kick him" 1880

  • Coal Oil Lamp At Mrs. Ellsner's Empire Bakery Overturned
  • Fire Spreads To Jensen and Bliss Hardware
  • Eight Kegs Of Gunpowder Ignites
  • Burning Embers Regin Over The Town
  • 300 Buildings Go Up In Flames
  • Seth Bullock coins The Big Fire "Black Friday"
  • The town was back in business within 60 days
  • Minister Howard says "Deadwood was destroyed due to wickedness"
For Sale-Bran new wall tent, never stretched but 1 time Oct 17 1879 In regard to: Swearingen, Albert E.

Erecting more commodious bldg on site of old Gem Nov 01 1879 In regard to: Swearingen, Albert E.

Intends to open out on 15th with variety troupe Nov 04 1879 In regard to: Swearingen, Albert E.

Will reopen the Gem Theatre Thursday night Nov 26 1879 In regard to: Swearingen, Albert E.

In Preparation for an Inevitable Fire Deadwood's Fire Boys Gets All Decked Out

Fire Department Black pants, ties and caps, red shirts and letters below Deadwood City Government

Needed worry about fire Aug 05 1876

Protection against fire required, editorial Aug 12 1876

C. L. Clark,(C. R.) Commissioner and fire warden Aug 19 1876

Seth Bullock elected Commissioner and fire warden Aug 19 1876

Deadwood Ordinance No. 2, Establishment of Fire Wardens Oct 07 1876

Deadwood has watch tower,watchman in case of fire Oct 28 1876

Fire Fiend meeting to be held at Theatre Deadwood Dec 30 1876

Deadwood City to hold meeting about fire danger Dec 30 1876

Hook and ladder and bucket company be formed Apr 02 1877

J. C. Tyler, Babcock Fire Extinguisher Co. Apr 30 1877

Deadwood Fire Department meeting Jun 20 1877

Committee to ascertain cost of hook and ladder company Jun 25 1877

Hook and ladder company committee to form one Jun 25 1877

Beaman and Hougham carpenters work for free Jun 26 1877

Deadwood Fire Department meeting Jun 26 1877

Thomas Tarpy, Thomas blacksmith, to give hooks and iron work Jun 26 1877

James McPherson to furnish fire co. with hats Jun 26 1877

Water has been thrown over Hank Beaman Jul 03 1878

Hook and Ladder Company No.1 meeting, John Manning Jul 07 1877

Deadwood Hook and Ladder Co. canvassing for new engine Jul 07 1877

Henry B. Beaman, First assistant foreman of Hook and Ladder Company Jul 09 1877

Hook and Ladder Comapny No.1 held meeting Jul 14 1877

Northwestern Stage to erect fire proof warehouse, first of its kind Jul 16 1877

Special meeting of Deadwood Hook and Ladder No1 Jul 16 1877

Committee on uniforns for Hook and Ladder Jul 16 1877

Hoffman owner of water works, to let fire dept use hose Jul 16 1877

Fire Truck wagon left Chicago for Deadwood Jul 20 1877

Special meeting of Hook and Ladder No1, at truckhouse Aug 13 1877

New hook and ladder truck shipped from Chicago Aug 13 1877

Deadwood Hook and Ladder helped put out Gayville fire Aug 20 1877

Sheriff Bullock has all defective flues checked Aug 20 1877

Hook and Ladder Co. hold meeting Aug 21 1877

Henry Beaman is chairman of Hook and Ladder Co. Aug 21 1877

Special meeting of Hook and Ladder Co. No1 Aug 27 1877

John Manning, bills audited and ordered paid by Hook and Ladder No 1 Aug 27 1877

Charles Collins, Charles member of Hook and Ladder Co. Aug 29 1877

Star and Bullock's fire proof caves in Sep 06 1877

"Strangling Hank" Hank Beaman of Hook and Ladder Co. No 1

Deadwood's First Assistant Foreman and Fire Marshal Escorted hook and ladder truck to Deadwoowd, Noah Siever, John Manning, Henry B. Beaman, C. Aykin Sep 08 1877

Deadwood Hook and Ladder truck arrived in town Sep 08 1877

Hook and Ladder truck damaged extent $25.00 Sep 10 1877

Henry Mundy fire company needs money Sep 12 1877

Hook and Ladder Co. has run out of money Sep 12 1877

Hook and Ladder get H.B. Beaman's building rent free Sep 12 1877

H. B. Beaman lets Hook and Ladder Co. have building Sep 12 1877

Flanders and Stokes rent building to Hook and Ladder Sep 12 1877

Hook and Ladder Co. pass strong resolutions Sep 12 1877

Donations for new fire truck Sep 13 1877

Hook and Ladder boys were out for practice Sep 25 1877

Hose carriage has arrived, but without hose! Oct 12 1877

Hank Beaman has nickname "Strangling Hank" Oct 29 1877

John Manning calls for meeting at Beaman's carpenter shop Nov 14 1877

Hook and Ladder No1 gave its first ball at Bonanza Hall Dec 16 1877

Fire Department notice found on door "dammed dangerous" Dec 28 1877

Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1 meeting, officer election, John Manning Jan 03 1878

Well to be dug by the fire committee near by Matkin's Store, Leimer and Company, Gem Theatre, Bonanza Jan 11 1878

Wells for fire dept. being excavated, Jan 14 1878

All of the wells to be dug are finished but one Jan 18 1878

Fire Department Pumps for the wells have been ordered Jan 30 1878

Stewart and Martin's shop on Sherman St. meeting place of Hook and Ladder Jan 31 1878

I. L. Paul Secretary of Hook and Ladder Co. No 1 Jan 31 1878 J

John Manning Foreman of Hook and Ladder Co. No 1 Jan 31 1878

Next meeting of Hook and Ladder Co. on Friday Jan 31 1878

Meeting of Hook and Ladder Company Feb 01 1878

Two of the new wells have pumps in them Feb 01 1878

Fire Department works on ditch to bring water from Spring creek Feb 07 1878

Notice of meeting of Hook and Ladder Co. No 1, Friday Feb 27 1878

G. W. McGoff manufactured 100 canvas buckets for Hook and Ladder Mar 13 1878

Hook and Ladder Co. just received 100 canvas buckets Mar 13 1878

James L. Paul, John Manning Regular meeting of the Hook and Ladder Co. No 1 Apr 05 1878

Hook and Ladder Co., votes to disban and reorganize Apr 06 1878

Seth Bullock canvassing for funds for a steam fire engine Apr 13 1878

Seth Bullock meeting with resistence to steam fire engine fund Apr 17 1878

Chinese promise donations to steam fire engine fund Apr 17 1878

Most demoralizing thing in Deadwood, truck house Apr 20 1878

Lot on Sherman purchased for hook and ladder truck Apr 25 1878

Judge Kuykendall sold land for Hook and Ladder Co. Apr 25 1878

Organization of Hook and Ladder House, Company Apr 25 1878

Seth Bullock, M. G. Chase names mentioned for foreman of Hook and Ladder Co. Apr 27 1878

Meeting held to reorganize hook and ladder May 03 1878

Please return any tools belonging to Hook and Ladder May 04 1878

Truck to be found at Beaman's old shop May 06 1878

A. M. Williard Hook and Ladder meeting last week on uniforms May 18 1878

Hook and Ladder Co. to build near bridge on Sherman May 18 1878

Ordered first class hand engine from New York May 20 1878

R. H. Russell notification of fire engine to be shipped free May 25 1878

Deadwood engine company organized, May 28 1878

Hook and Ladder Co will have a meeting at court room May 29 1878

Committee to meet with Hook and Ladder for organization May 29 1878

Michael Whalen Deadwood Fire Engine Company officers, Foreman, 1st May 29 1878

Henry Whittenbach Deadwood Fire Engine Company officers, Foreman, 2nd, May 29 1878

W. H. Watt Deadwood Fire Engine Company officers, Secretary May 29 1878

William Stillwell Deadwood Fire Engine Company officers, Foreman May 29 1878

Julian Dix Deadwood Fire Engine Company officers, Treasurer May 29 1878

Hook and Ladder order 20 uniforms, hope for more May 30 1878

John Worth, Paul Rewman, L. H. Palmer, Ed L. Flahertey, J. Behrman resignations from Hook and Ladder accepted May 30 1878

Hook and Ladder new uniforms for J. M Whitton, Whitehead, E. A. Wetmore, Frank Welch, C. H. Wagner, W. J. Thornby, Strass, George Stokes, Stebbins, John B. Sheridan, L. C. Richards, Post, John Peterson, William H. Parker, John M. Murphy, Henry Mundy, Lucius C. Miller, James McPherson, Charles McKinnis, J. F. McKenna, Hugh McCaffrey, John Manning, M. Lilienthal, David Holzman, C. E. Hanrahan, Frank W. Hamilton, John R. Fraser, Henry H. Folk, William A. Farish, Julius Deetken, Andrew R.Z Dawson, D. B. Curtis, Brown and Thum, Thomas Bently, Belden and Dawson, Hank B. Beaman Jun 01 1878

Fire Department Black pants, ties and caps, red shirts and letters, below Jun 01 1878

Engine company organized and picked uniforms Jun 04 1878

Hook and Ladder boys held election Jun 08 1878

J. B. Sheridan elected Second Assistant of Hook and Ladder company Jun 08 1878

J. F. McKenna elected First Assistant of Hook and Ladder companny Jun 08 1878

W. L. Kuykendall elected foreman of Hook and Ladder company Jun 08 1878

Water Available for Fire Purposes, Williams Mine, Hildebrand and Hardi, Flanders, Hamilton Jun 16 1878

J. M. Whitton to take Seth Bullock's place as chief of the fire department Jun 18 1878

Carpenters ask to give a days work on engine house Jun 27 1878

Fire Department, Two fires in the last twenty-four hours Jun 29 1878

Fire Department Shirts, belts and trumpets for hose company now here Jul 01 1878

Madame Mollie Johnson Dancing at the Engine House, Sherman Street Deadwood's Madam Jul 11 1878

Work being done on Hook and Ladder engine house Jun 18 1878

Fire engine expected to be here by the Fourth of July, Jun 20 1878

Engine house being built on Sherman over Whitewood Creek Jun 25 1878

Anyone having fire company apparatus,please return to H. B. Beaman Jun 28 1878

Deadwood Engine Company No 1 to hold meeting tonig Jun 29 1878

Fire Engine won't be here in time for celebration Jun 29 1878

Full attendance of Hook and Ladder necessary tonight Jul 02 1878

Meeting of Deadwood Hook and Ladder this evening Jul 05 1878

Parties holding Hook and Ladder accessories, return Jul 05 1878

Engine House on Sherman street Jul 11 1878

Grand ball to celebrate opening of truck house Jul 12 1878

Watching Hank Beaman speed his fifteen minute stepper Jul 17 1878

Engine on this side of Rapid, stuck in mud hole Jul 23 1878

New engine in town, named the Union Jul 31 1878

H. B. Beaman appointed Fire Warden, authority to inspect flues Jul 31 1878

Benefit at Langrishe Theatre tendered to defray costs of fire engine Aug 01 1878

To bring the fire engine out this evening Aug 01 1878

Engine will be backed up to well in front of Ed Morton's Club Aug 02 1878

Engine and hose company requested to meet tonight Aug 02 1878

Fire boys made a fine display with their new engine Aug 03 1878

Reservoir at engine house opposite Enterprise office Aug 13 1878

Fire Department, Large cistern to be at Williams and City Creek St. Aug 13 1878

Meeting of the Deadwood Hook and Ladder company Aug 15 1878

Streets so blocked with freight lines, unable to get engine out Aug 20 1878

Hank Beaman got whiskey for the fire meeting Aug 30 1878

Deadwood hose agitation has died out, little blaze dangerous Sep 04 1879

Deadwood Hook and Ladder Company No. 1 Sep 06 1878

Need 2,000' of hose and 2 hose carts for fire protection Sep 10 1879

Fire engine fund remains still uncollected Sep 25 1878

Fire Department Alarm of fire, truck stuck in road, fire put out Oct 16 1878

The uselessness of our fire engine Oct 21 1878

Does the fire engine have a water supply or not? Oct 22 1878

Fire Department ask if that engine fund has been collected Nov 05 1878

Will call upon citizens for donations, fire engine Nov 23 1878

H. B. Beaman bill for $15. for roof inspections, not accepted Nov 24 1878

Many paid up on subscriptions for fire engine Nov 24 1878

Fire Department Committee has collected $985.23 of $2,500. needed Nov 27 1878

P. H. Early appointed as fire warden at $50 a month in warrant Dec 03 1878

Deadwood Politics at Work

Hank Beaman worked very hard on engine house, then ousted Patrick H. Early appointment as fire warden over Beaman Dec 04 1878

Engine and hose companies to meet to test water Dec 06 1878

Langrishe Theatre Hook and Ladder meeting last evening Dec 07 1878

Members of the Hook and Ladder, John M. Whitton, Pioneer City Editor, J. W. Stewart, L. C. Richards, J. M. Peterson, George Parker, McKenna, D. R. Martin, W. L. Kuykendall, Henry H. Folk, P. H. Early, J. Deetkin and H. B. Beaman at meeting Dec 07 1878

Fire Department Committee has collected $1,417.48 in subscriptions Dec 12 1878

Hook and ladder company will be organized at Central Dec 19 1878

John Mahan interviewed parties whose homes are fire hazards Dec 25 1878

Seth Bullock elected foreman of the Hook and Ladder on May 2, 1878

Timeline of Events

Fire Department, opportunity to test our scrap heap of a fire engine Jan 02 1879

Meeting of the hook and ladder co at engine house Feb 11 1879

Is Hank Beaman the only one who can stop danger from fire? Mar 06 1879

Hank Beaman appointed fire warden for city of Deadwood Mar 25 1879

Hank Beaman will begin to skirmish for defective flues tomorrow Mar 26 1879

Meeting of the Hook and Ladder Co at engine house Apr 04 1879

Jones set duties of fire warden Hank Beaman Apr 10 1879

Hank Beaman Fire warden duties and property owners obligations Apr 10 1879

Fire Warden Hank Beaman says 1/4 of buildings had been on fire Apr 12 1879

Placed barrels of water on roof in case of fire, S. N. Wood, Star and Bullock, Richard C. Lake, Herrmann and Treber, Brown and Thum Apr 19 1879

Fire warden Hank Beaman can't convince businesses of prevention Apr 23 1879

What is the condition of department and great engine May 10 1879

Fire warden Hank Beaman to look at feasibility of water plan May 10 1879

Beaman worked on engine, pronounced her working May 17 1879

Gaston presented gifts to Beaman for service, Fire Warden Jun 05 1879

Hank Beaman doing carpentry work while all is quiet on streets June 13 1879

All Fourth of July committee members meet at engine house Jun 15 1879

William H. Stillwell Fire Engine company is requested to assemble Jun 18 1879

Twenty new members joined the hose company Jun 18 1879

Hank Beaman, As good and square a man as lives Jun 19 1879

Hank Beaman engaged in getting ready to put in fire plugs Jun 20 1879

Members of the Hook and Ladder co. to meet tonight Jun 20 1879

Welch House Need alarm bell and rope ladders in case of fire Jul 08 1879

All rushed to scene of blaze without any water Aug 01 1879

Efforts to raise $1,500 for fire hose Aug 07 1879

Fire Department and Canal and Water Co., When water supplied, fire hose will be needed Aug 08 1879

Fire Department, we will have water, lets prepare for needed hose Aug 09 1879

Fire Department, Private party could purchase hose and charge for use Aug 10 1879

Hank Beaman Gives Warning Against Powder Being Stored in Town

Hank Beaman, The scare of powder being stored in town unfounded Aug 13 1879

Hank Beaman filed a complaint against Masser, defective chimney Sep 11 1879

Limber Jim tries to put up cheap chimney, Beaman stops him Sep 20 1879

Fire inspector Hank Beaman comes down on cheap chimneys Sep 20 1879

Fire Department, What is being done to get the hose for fire protection Sep 26 1879

Not near enough water, if there had been hose Sep 27 1879

Mrs. Ellsner's Empire Bakery, coal oil lamp knocked over caused big Deadwood fire Sep 27 1879

The Aftermath, Hank Beaman Fire Warden Attempts Resurrection of Fire Department Resigns and Leaves Deadwood May 1882

"Start a dog down hill and everyone will kick him", Hank Beaman May 05 1880"

"Hank Beaman, Best and most whole-souled man ever in this community May 1882"

Sheriff deserves praise, kept peace after fire Oct 01 1879

Hank Beaman Kept busy looking after new chimneys going up Oct 07 1879

Hank Beaman sprained his back the night of the fire Oct 11 1879

Hank Beaman borrowed hose from Lead in case of a fire here Oct 14 1879

Hank Beaman trying the force of water in the hydrants Oct 15 1879

Hose cart and fire dept on scene, not enough water Nov 04 1879

Where the hose is kept for the fire department, C. B. Strass, Hermann and Treber Nov 09 1879

Hank Beaman rented building day before fire, had no building left Nov 18 1879

Someone left hose in wrong place after fire alarm Nov 26 1879

L. C. Richards organizing a fire bucket brigade for protection Nov 30 1879

Bullock intends to start independent hose company Dec 02 1879

Locations of the 15 fire plugs in Deadwood Dec 05 1879

Hose house to be on Main St next to Chase's bldg. Dec 10 1879

Hank Beaman resurrecting the old Hook and Ladder Company Dec 12 1879

Long expected hose carts arrived yesterday forenoon Dec 25 1879

Hank Beaman interest in organizing hook and ladder company Jan 28 1880

Hank Beaman making ladders for the hook and ladder truck Jan 30 1880

Hank Beaman and Committee to draft constitution for hook and ladder Jan 30 1880

Hank Beaman Deadwood Hook and Ladder Co. No 1 organized Feb 07 1880

Hank Beaman attempting to keep Chinese from setting off firecrackers Feb 08 1880

Attention Hooks, meeting of Dwd Hook and Ladder Co., Hank Beaman Feb 13 1880

How did old hand fire engine survive the fire? Feb 15 1880

Deadwood hooks agree to unite with Deadwood Fire Department Mar 03 1880

Attention of Fire Warden Hank Beaman called to defective flue Mar 18 1880

Hank Beaman paid off the charges on hook and ladder truck himself Apr 02 1880

Hank Beaman has succeeded in getting hook and ladder truck painted Apr 09 1880

Hank Beaman Hook and ladder co receives $300 for "needsessities" Apr 23 1880

Charley Wallace took gun away from Beaman when he got drunk May 04 1880

Hank Beaman under the influence of liquor he shoots Castner May 04 1880

Gale Hill, Officer arrested Hank Beaman and took him to jail May 04 1880

Hank Beaman resigned as constable and fire warden May 05 1880

"Start a dog down hill and everyone will kick him", Hank Beaman May 05 1880

Patrick H. Early appointed fire warden in resignation of Beaman May 05 1880

Hank Beaman Hook and Ladder resolved to build a suitable place May 08 1880

Hook and Ladder Co. elect officers, Hank Beaman Jun 12 1880

Hank Beaman assault with a deadly weapon will be tried today Jun 18 1880

Firemen contemplating erection of new engine house Oct 05 1880

Hank Beaman call for the meeting of firemen Oct 09 1880

Frame for new engine house in Lead City is up Oct 14 1880

Beaman and Hooks headed for Central City fire Nov 10 1880

Central City grateful to hose companies and Hank Beaman for service Nov 11 1880

H. B. Beaman, All Hook and Ladder members requested to meet Nov 23 1880

Petition to have Hank Beaman reappointed fire warden Dec 07 1880

H. B. Beaman doings of the Deadwood Hook and Ladder Company, No 1 Dec 14 1880

Fire boys having engine house painted inside and out at Central City Dec 11 1880

Hank Beaman and Committee to open negotiations with Central Fire Department Dec 21 1880

Hank Beaman formed 'bucket brigade' to put out fire on Main Jan 19 1881

Hank Beamam, Hooks foreman orders two fire extinguishers Jan 30 1881

Hank Beaman appointed constable in place of Talbot Apr 03 1881

Hank Beaman makes statement on condition of Hook and Ladder Co. Apr 29 1881

Hank Beaman Foreman of Hook and Ladder Company Jun 05 1881

Hank Beaman on Deadwood Hook and Ladder team, July 4 tournament Jul 01 1881

Old fire engine stolen, found in gulch Jul 02 1881

Hank Beaman candidate for chief of fire department and city policeman Nov 29 1881

Hank Beaman nominated first assistant by city council Dec 20 1881

Vandal steals pole from old hand engine in Chinatown Dec 30 1881

Hank Beaman nominated and rejected for marshal May 16 1882

Hank Beaman resignation read at city council meeting, accepted May 30 1882

Hank Beaman, Best and most whole-souled man ever in this community May 30 1882

Hate to see Hank Beaman leave, promises to return in fall Jun 01 1882

James Farrell First assistant chief engineer, to replace Beaman Jun 04 1882

Old hand engine in Chinatown in 4th of July parade Jun 17 1882

Hank Beaman running a livery stable at Bozeman MT Oct 10 1882

Some one has gotten away with old hand engine Feb 16 1883

Hank Beaman evidently is going on the war path, as on yesterday he sent for his sword and chapeau to be forwarded to Livingston Dec 9 1884

South Deadwood hose boys expended the proceeds realized from the presentation of the "Cricket on the Hearth," in completing the furnishing of their elegant parlor, and now after the cares and toils of the day are ended they assemble, some to engage in innocent games, some in literary pursuits, others to contemplate the luxuries of life through the softening influences of fragrant Havanas, while their hearts swell with gratitude to a generous public, who with commendable liberality patronize their entertainments, thereby enabling them to revel in luxury and ease, and at the same time be, as indicated by their motto, and emblazoned on their banner, "Ever Ready." February 15, 1884 In regard to: South Deadwood Hose Company. In regard to: Fire Department.